Dr. Tom Cousins

Radiation Dosimetry

Professional Summary

Dr Tom Cousins brings over 30 years of experience in radiation dosimetry and spectroscopy to ISR. His work has covered such diverse topics as Nuclear Weapon battlefield and peacetime dosimetry, effects of weapon and space radiation on electronics and radiological aspects of defence against terrorism. For the past 15 years he was leader of the Radiological Analysis and Defence Group at DRDC Ottawa, and as such helped manage over 20 CRTI projects valued at over $50M. Internationally, he is a past chair of TTCP's CBR Technical Panel 13 and NATO's Radiological and Nuclear Defence Sub-group. He is a co-holder of 2 patents - one involving the use of Thermal Neutron Activation for confirmatory land-mine detection (he was presented with a Canadian Nuclear award for this) and the other on "Standoff" Detection of radiation.