Survey of Radon Gas Levels in DND Buildings

July 2015

Project Summary

As a part of this project, International Safety Research (ISR) was retained by the Director General of Nuclear Safety to provide project scoping, management, control, administrative support, and technical services for the development and execution of a nation-wide radon survey. The purpose of the Radon Survey is to take measurements of radon concentrations and determine the required remediation in all DND/CF owned buildings and private residences in Canada.

The scope for this project involved the development of The Department of National Defence (DND) Protocol for the survey of radon gas concentrations utilizing electret ion chamber and alpha track detectors, in consultation with Health Canada and their guidelines, for the measurement of radon in homes and workplace structures. The protocol included the guidelines for detector placement and retrieval, quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) measures, post-retrieval data analysis, and procedures for the scheduling of surveys with base staff and residents of residential housing units (RHUs). Utilizing the aforementioned protocol, ISR has, to date, planned and carried out the deployment, retrieval, and analysis of more than 54,900 radon detectors in approximately 2,600 DND/CF occupied buildings at 23 Canadian Forces (CF) bases, including integral and lodger units, and 12,200 private residences in 217 geographical locations.

In addition, and in order to ensure that the data was accurately captured and defendable, ISR also developed proprietary software to accurately track all aspects, including the chain-of-custody, of the detector deployment and retrieval process as well as the data security, storage and transfer.

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