Dr. Steven Jones


Professional Summary

Dr. Jones has a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology from the University of Plymouth, UK. He led the Public Health Agency Canada (PHAC) component of the National CBRNE response team, including the development of training in bioterrorism agents delivered to the RCMP, Canadian Forces and other responders. He was also responsible for the development of operational procedures for the forensic recovery of bioterrorism agents at crime scenes. Under his leadership, the Public Health Agency’s Microbiological Emergency Response Team (MERT) became the only non-police/military permanent member of the National CBRNE response team. The operational model that he developed for MERT was used as the basis for the scientific support to operations in the Vancouver Olympic Games and the G8/G20 Summits. Dr. Jones was a member of the CBRN Research and Technology Initiative (CRTI) biological science cluster, forensic science cluster and co-chairs the toxins working group. In 2010 he was deployed with the MERT and the national CBRNE response team as part of the federal government's surveillance and security response for the V2010 Olympic Games. Dr. Jones managed the only Level IV micro-biological lab in Canada.