Sandy Lavigne

Emergency Exercise Designer

Professional Summary

Ms. Sandy Lavigne has a B.Sc. in Psychology and a post-undergraduate degree in Research Analysis. She has 8 years of experience in the development, implementation and evaluation of nuclear emergency response exercises. Over the years, Ms. Lavigne has worked closely with many federal, provincial, and municipal response agencies in the planning and execution of large scale, national level exercises in preparation for high profile events such as ExUR, Central Gateway, Exercise GOLD, ExIT-08, and 11 NER evaluation exercises for the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN).

Ms. Lavigne was a key resource in the planning and development of Exercise Unified Response, the largest NPP emergency response exercise in Canadian history. Working closely with more than 50 organizations at every level of response, her responsibilities included scenario and inject development with participating organizations, conducting planning meetings, developing and conducting planning conferences and workshops, coordination of exercise logistics, liaising with exercise planners, developing exercise materials, and authoring the summary report.

Currently, Ms. Lavigne is planning and developing Exercise Intrepid 2015, a full scale NPP emergency response exercise scheduled for November 2015 and involving NB Power, PLGS, the province of New Brunswick, and multiple federal organizations. Her responsibilities include scenario and inject development, liaising with participating organizations, conducting and facilitating all planning meetings and conferences, coordination of exercise logistics, and report writing.

Ms. Lavigne has developed and controlled 11 major nuclear emergency response exercises for the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) NER team involving simulated nuclear powered vessel accidents. Working closely with DND and the regulator, she has developed realistic scenarios to test the capabilities of the NER teams in order to maintain the right to host visiting nuclear powered vessels. Each evaluation consists of a field exercise involving the NER organization, off-site response organizations, and a comprehensive evaluation process. She has also worked closely with Health Canada in the planning and development of the Canadian contingent on numerous exercises including Convex 3, an international level Table Top Exercise involving Laguna Verde NPP which included the participation of more than 70 countries.

She was closely involved in the development of several large CBRNE field and Table Top exercises required for the preparation of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, namely Exercise Initial Thunder and Exercise GOLD. She was a primary liaison for first responders from BC, federal and provincial CBRNE response teams, local and federal security forces, and scientific reachback. Her responsibilities included the development of realistic scenarios, coordination of all logistics, development and conduct of planning meetings, development of exercise materials, controlling of exercise activities, and writing After Action Reports. Both reports were published as Technical Notes for Defense Research and Development Canada (DRDC).

Ms. Lavigne also led the development of a large radiological/explosives/forensic field exercise for CRTI CSS, namely Central Gateway 1 (Kaboom 2010). This exercise was designed to assess and validate existing response capabilities to an explosive radiological threat and explore the use of private industry during the initial response phase. The exercise involved local and provincial police, the National CBRNE Team, Transport Canada, and many private industry contractors with CBRNE response capabilities. Ms. Lavigne was responsible for the development of the scenario, injects, logistical planning, exercise material, and evaluation process. She also authored the After Action Report which was published as a technical note for DRDC. Further to this, Ms. Lavigne developed several follow-on TTX’s for Transport Canada to continue to investigate how industry can augment CBRNE response capabilities in Canada.