Field Assessment Survey Tool



One of the greatest challenges faced by emergency management personnel is having the ability to effectively collect and analyze critical information required for decision making during Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNE) incidents. Since 2006, International Safety Research (ISR) has provided both national and international clients with sophisticated nuclear emergency management software, S3-FAST, and the hardware enabling this solution. The S3-FAST system was designed for emergency management personnel who are responsible for collecting and analyzing raw field data necessary for effective and timely decision making concerning public protection.

S3-FAST Features

S3-FAST hardware is capable of interfacing with existing radiation detection equipment through USB, infrared, or Bluetooth from either fixed location detectors (e.g., fixed detector ring around a nuclear power plant) or deployable survey assets (e.g., pumper truck with S3-FAST system). S3-FAST determines the current reading, appends a GPS time and location to the reading, and transmits that information, in real time, to the S3- FAST program. The program collects, stores, and analyzes the raw field data for display on a real-time situational map, allowing decision makers to make timely and effective decisions for public protection and direct survey vehicles to take radiation readings in the most affected areas. This system was designed utilizing an open architecture database that allows for easy integration with other systems. Users can import or export data from the database in real-time. Data can be displayed in a variety of user-definable formats to allow emergency managers to make sense of the thousands of data points that the system will generate within a few hours of operation. A special feature in the software allows data to be presented in both space and time. The user can also display a variety of statistical data (e.g., latest, average or highest readings).


S3-FAST Online

S3-FAST is a complex tool for decision makers who may need access to raw field data not required by other responders. Other authorized and pre-identified users can maintain situational awareness through an S3-Online Web solution, which provides the same mapping and display functionality as S3-FAST. S3-Online allows response organizations to share situational awareness using an easily interpreted graphical interface and by giving other responders access to the S3-Online website.



This tool was originally designed for nuclear emergency response which required surveying downwind from a radiological release, and acknowledging the need to make timely and accurate decisions regarding shelter-in-place and evacuation of the affected populous. When these shelter-in-place or evacuation levels are reached, the symbology representing the readings changes, allowing immediate visual notification that a threshold has been surpassed. The symbology is completely user defined and can be selected to represent all aspects of the emergency (e.g., gamma dose rate, alpha/beta ground contamination, etc).

Reliable Communication

Reliable communication links are also important in an emergency. Having multiple communication methods built into each S3-FAST unit ensures redundancy in the event that one method is interrupted. S3-FAST offers several communications options between the S3-FAST server and field units, including satellite, GPRS and radio frequency transmission.

S3-EXERCISE (Training Module)


Integral to S3-FAST is a module called S3-EXERCISE, which allows simulated data to be seamlessly fed to the command centre and displayed on a map (in real-time) for training purposes. This key feature provides exercises the look and feel of real emergencies. Data that is displayed in the operations centre, in survey vehicles, or at checkpoints (through the use of S3-HPC) depends on the scenario created by the exercise design team. This flexibility relating to scenario design allows for such incidents as a traffic accident involving the transport of medical isotopes, an RDD, or an accident at a nuclear power plant. Each of these scenarios can be simulated realistically at all exercise locations.

S3-FAST is a low-cost, integrated solution that will help you manage real emergencies while making training and exercising more realistic, efficient and effective.

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