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In order to be effective, nuclear emergency exercises must involve realistic scenarios with radiological data that accurately simulates accident conditions. S3-EXERCISE allows emergency response survey personnel to obtain instrument readings during an exercise as they would during a real event. Using GPS technology, ISR has developed software that simulates space and time dependent field measurements following the simulated release of radioactive material to the environment.

What is S3-EXERCISE?


S3-EXERCISE is a computer program that allows for the creation of radiological/nuclear (RN) scenarios to aid in the training of command post and field personnel (e.g., those driving a survey vehicle, working at a decontamination centre, manning an access control point, etc). S3-EXERCISE enables the user to completely define all aspects of the release, from the source term (specific isotope activity) and release fraction to the wind direction, the presence of precipitation, and the eventual contamination of instruments.

This program simulates readings from air sample filter measurements, gamma dose rate survey instruments, and electronic personal dosimeters. S3-EXERCISE also gives the scenario creator the ability to define and save specific characteristics of an instrument (e.g., saturation level, alarm levels, etc.) to add another level of realism to the exercise. The program can generate printed data, run in real-time during table-top exercises or be deployed in survey vehicles (when connected to a GPS receiver).



S3-EXERCISE can generate radiological data in four different modes of operation: real-time with connected GPS, real-time at pre-defined locations (e.g., detector ring around a nuclear power plant), real-time with a mouse on a map (for table-top exercises), and printed hard copy for specific locations and times.

Real-Time Scenario Generation with GPS

This mode allows the user to automatically generate data and present it as it would appear in a real event situation. Simulated readings are displayed on an instrument panel and change as a function of time and location. A GPS unit is used continuously to track the user's position.


Real-Time Scenario at Pre-Defined Locations

This mode allows the user to specify the location of a fixed detector and simulate the ambient gamma dose rate at those locations.

Real-Time Scenario with a Mouse

This mode allows the user to obtain data at different locations by running the mouse cursor over a map. Simulated readings are displayed on an instrument panel and change as a function of time and location.

Paper Copy Scenario Generation

The paper copy scenario generation produces an Excel file located in the S3-EXERCISE program directory. The worksheets generated as part of this file summarize ambient gamma dose rate, air sampling iodine and air sampling aerosol results.

Highlight Of S3-Exercise Features

  • Accepts up to five wind shifts to accompany up to five release phases
  • Provides digital maps of the scenario area (near and far fields)
  • The instrument panel on the display mimics the appearance of an actual meter
  • User can customize the nuclide release by varying isotope activity
  • Turn-back alarm levels (dose and dose rate) on both detectors and dosimeters can be saved and will sound when these levels are reached in the scenario
  • With a GPS transmitter connected to a laptop, S3- EXERCISE tracks the position of the vehicle in real-time and reports the corresponding scenario readings
  • Accumulates the total dose for field teams (depending on their position with respect to the plume) and accounts for ground contamination effects on dosimeter readings
  • Can simulate a detector array around a nuclear plant
  • Used in simulation mode for table-top exercises (no field assets required)
  • Readings can be given in Sv, rem, CPM, or CPS

The scenario generated by S3-EXERCISE can be exported into a GPS enabled PDA running S3-HPC. This allows simulated data to be available anywhere in the planned scenario location without the need to have a laptop on hand.

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