Rod Bovay

Nuclear Security and Emergency Preparedness

Professional Summary

Mr. Rod Bovay has 33 years of experience in the nuclear industry where he was employed at a large multi-unit Nuclear Power Plant (NPP). He has held management positions in both Nuclear Security and Nuclear Emergency Preparedness, and brings considerable knowledge and experience in the planning, development, execution and evaluation of both Force-on-Force and Nuclear Emergency Response (NER) drills and exercises in a NPP environment.

Prior to his retirement in July 2012, Mr. Bovay was responsible for the overall Nuclear Emergency Preparedness Drill, Exercise and Training Program at the NPP, including drills and exercises, Emergency Response Organization (ERO) Training, and maintaining applicable ERO governance. Immediately following his retirement, Mr. Bovay was re-hired as a Senior Technical Expert, and for two years (August 2012 – July 2014) played a key role in the NPP's implementation of Beyond Design Basis Accident (BDBA) drills and exercises.

During this period he was responsible for developing the NPP's response to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) Fukushima Action Items (FAIs) relating to the implementation of BDBA drills and exercises. He subsequently led the planning, development, execution and evaluation of the NPP's initial three (3) Severe Accident Management Guidance (SAMG) tabletop drills, and two (2) initial BDBA full scale drills and exercises involving the combined deployment of Emergency Mitigating Equipment (EME) and response capabilities to severe accident conditions.

Mr. Bovay also had a lead role in 2014 Exercise Unified Response (ExUR), where he was responsible for developing the overall onsite NPP response. This included full exercise design including scenario, cue card and exercise manual development maintaining communications and liaising regularly with key internal and external stakeholders identifying and securing resources, developing and providing oversight and direction of onsite exercise control and evaluation, conducting pre/post exercise briefings, and development of an After Action Report (AAR). Mr. Bovay was also a NPP representative on the Joint Exercise Planning Team (JEPT) having Municipal, Provincial, and Federal government representation and responsibility for the overall exercise coordination.