Quality Policy

Quality is a core value of International Safety Research (ISR) and a critical pillar of all the activities performed by our staff and subcontractors. To that end, we have implemented, maintain, and are committed to our Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure that all of our work is of the highest quality.

Our objective is to make ISR a leader in quality. To achieve this, ISR will demonstrate its ongoing leadership and commitment to quality by ensuring that:

  • All of our personnel and subcontractors have the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to conduct their work in a way that quality is both achieved and maintained
  • All ISR Project Managers establish detailed project plans and, when applicable, quality goals, that meet and, wherever possible, exceed the applicable quality standard as well as customer and regulatory requirements
  • ISR establishs quality objectives against which our quality performance is continually measured
  • ISR performs periodic internal assessments and executive reviews of the performance of our work and QMS to ensure that a continuous high level of quality is achieved
  • Customer requirements and expectations are met and, whenever possible, exceeded

Ultimately, ISR is committed to and accountable for continually improving the quality of our work and the performance of our QMS. ISR also ensures that subcontractors providing services to ISR adhere to the same requisite quality standards that define our QMS.

All ISR employees and subcontractors are accountable for the quality of the work they perform on behalf of ISR. All ISR employees and subcontractors are empowered and encouraged to both identify non-conformances and recommend changes which continuously improve the quality of ISR work.

ISR will provide the best possible deliverables and services in a way that they are of the utmost quality. Ultimately, quality is part of our culture. I, as the Chief Executive Officer of ISR, am accountable on all quality matters associated with the work performed by ISR. I expect and encourage that all ISR employees and subcontractors make quality a top priority.

Mike McCall, M.Eng., P.Eng., CD1
ISO CertificateISR CEO and Accountable Executive  
Last updated on Jan 08, 2018
Reaffirmed on February 05, 2018