Pickering OSART Mission Readiness

October 2016

Project Summary

Ontario Power Generation enlisted ISR’s Francois Lemay to assist in the preparation and execution of an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Operational Safety Review Team (OSART) mission hosted by the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station in September and October of 2016. ISR supported management at Pickering in the understanding, preparation, execution, and review and response to findings for all assessment areas of the plant inspection.

The OSART mission final report commended Pickering for a number of good practices, making good progress in a number of operational safety areas, and for the reinforcement of safety culture by the plant’s senior leadership team. The OSART team also proposed a number of safety enhancements which management at Pickering are addressing as they prepare for the follow-up visit by the OSART team.

IAEA OSART missions help nuclear operators across the world enhance nuclear safety by bringing together teams of world-renowned experts in complementary areas of operational safety performance. The OSART team assesses operational safety and human performance at the host plant over a three-week period and summarizes recommendations, suggestions, and best practices in a mission report. A follow-up visit occurs approximately 18 months later to evaluate progress related to the report findings. Based on internationally recognized expertise in radiation and nuclear emergency preparedness, Dr. Lemay has been commissioned as an IAEA Reviewer for five previous OSART missions in Europe since 2008.

ISR supported OPG in planning activities, a programmatic review based on IAEA Safety Standards, pre-assessment readiness, and mission execution. The following ISR contributions were key success factors in the Pickering OSART mission:

  • Recommendations for the project execution plan
  • Self-assessment of the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station based on the IAEA Safety Standards
  • Development of an Advanced Information Package for submission to the OSART team prior to the mission
  • Planning and facilitation of a readiness review week to evaluate and enhance readiness for the OSART mission
  • Review and input to final report

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