NRCan Notification Exercise

October 2017

Project Summary

Natural Resources Canada engaged ISR to develop and run two 3 hour notification exercises with offshore oil and gas partners in the Newfoundland & Labrador, and Nova Scotia regions. These half day exercises were run independently for each of the two regions and saw participation from provincial and federal level stakeholders. These exercises aimed to identify how information moves between each of the key stakeholders and how this information is processed by each organization.

To further analyze the information exchange processes in each of the two regions, ISR tracked the flow of injected information between participants. By tracking this flow of information, and seeing the type of information being shared, the exercise team was able to identify the types of analysis and filtering done on the information from simulated “operators” in addition to identifying the organizations with whom each participant would pass on information to.

A formal after action review meeting was conducted following the two exercises which brought together the participants from both exercise days. ISR guided a semi-structured discussion with these participants to identify gaps and best practices that were identified through exercise play. As a result of these exercises, NRCan will be able to better understand the information needs of the various organizations involved in offshore oil and gas emergency response and can provide advice and direction in the event of a spill or other oil/gas emergency in Canada’s offshore region.

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