Nichole Havelin

Senior Nuclear Specialist

Professional Summary

Nichole Havelin provides support for nuclear safety analyses and assessments at International Safety Research, Inc. in the areas of criticality safety (including operational processes, transportation, and V&V), NDA, fissionable material handling, shielding and radiation protection, waste management, decommissioning and environmental protection. She also provides project planning, management, and scheduling. Her additional responsibilities include performing technical writing oversight and review, project quality assurance and business development for ISR.

Mrs. Havelin has detailed experience across the US and International nuclear complex from new design to facility D&D in program and project management, safety, engineering, operations, and technical training & instruction. This consists of program management of the U.S. DOE Nuclear Criticality Safety Program, including International Collaborations (UK and France), to the management of daily activities for other criticality safety engineers and experts, as well as worked for and qualified in multiple facilities across the DOE and NRC complex and the public sector. Mrs. Havelin participated on the OECD/NEA International Criticality Safety Benchmark Evaluation Project as well as the OECD/NEA International Reactor Physics Evaluation Project for over a decade. Her experience also includes all aspects of nuclear reactor operations, including senior control room certification, operations engineering, and technical training & instruction.

Mrs. Havelin’s participation in Professional Societies includes Co-Chair of ANSI/ANS-8.20 American National Standard for Nuclear Criticality Safety Training Working Group, Working Member of ANSI/ANS-8.28 American National Standard for Non-Destructive Assays, member of the ANS Nuclear Criticality Safety 2013 and 2009 Technical Program Committee, member International Conference on Nuclear Criticality Safety 2011 and 2007 Technical Program Committee, National Program Chair for the Young Members Group of the American Nuclear Society (ANS), Executive member for the Young Members Group (ANS), and member of the Professional Development Committee (ANS).