MTO ON Border Traffic Plans and TTX

March 2017

Project Summary

ISR has recently completed work supporting the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) in developing three complex emergency management framework documents to assist MTO staff and other key stakeholders during emergency situations. To verify the utility and the accuracy of the response strategies outlined in the plans, ISR developed and facilitated a table top exercise (TTX) for the key plans stakeholders. This one day TTX provided multiple scenarios against which each of the three frameworks were notionally used to coordinate a response effort. The TTX was supported by a ½ day after action review (AAR) sessions which gathered key successes and areas for improvement within each of the three frameworks. The AAR session informed the development of an after action report providing remedial action(s) for each of the areas for improvement identified for the three frameworks during the exercise.

These emergency management frameworks were developed with the support of stakeholder consultations. These consultations were used to gather the requirements and potential issues that may be encountered during the development of response strategies. These stakeholder engagement meetings were conducted in multiple locations across Ontario and included organizations at the federal, provincial, and local levels.

After completion of drafts of each framework were completed, a TTX was designed and developed by ISR. Each framework was used during all of the scenarios and the response operations developed in each were explored. A list of areas for improvement was developed for each of the plans. The final after action report for the TTX provided a series of remedial actions for the frameworks. The final versions of each framework incorporated these recommended changes and provided MTO with plans validated by key stakeholders.

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