Michel Rheaume

Nuclear Safety

Professional Summary

Michel Rhéaume was the Safety and Licensing manager at Gentilly-2 nuclear power station, starting in 1998. Prior to that, he was the Health Physics manager and head of the radiation protection division for 14 years where he was responsible for all radiation protection management programs and training. He was also responsible for all the decontamination activities for Hydro-Québec. Moreover, he was involved in the project of dismantlement of Gentilly-1 NPP with EACL as the contractor. He was responsible for the radioactive characterization of the plant and for the supervision of the decontamination work.

He was also Emergency Preparedness Team Manager at the Gentilly-2 nuclear power plant. He set up the Emergency Preparedness Program for the Gentilly Site at the corporate (policies) and operational (Procedures) levels. He reviewed the remediation program with the Government Authorities.

He has conducted several international projects in nuclear safety and radiation protection and was a member of the Canadian Advisory Committee on Radiological Protection and of the Advisory Committee on Nuclear Safety, reporting directly to the president of the CNSC. He is a founding member of CRPA (Canadian Radiation Protection Association) and was its president in 1995-96.

Michel was also the Hydro Québec spokesperson for the Public Hearing on the Gentilly-2 CANSTOR dry fuel storage project.