Jordan Miller

Project Manager

Professional Summary

Jordan Miller manages projects at ISR and specializes in emergency response and preparedness exercises. He has led the development and delivery of exercises for defence, public safety, major event security, and emergency response to all-hazards threats. This includes understanding the objectives of the exercise, developing the concept of operations, developing scenarios, threat models, adversaries, political constraints, strategic communications material, the injects to sustain player activity during the exercise, and developing a measurement framework to validate that the exercise achieved its training aims. These exercises have included computer-enabled simulations with multiple, distributed players, and table top exercises relying primarily on situational questions through a facilitated workshop. Mr. Miller also has experience working on supply chain management projects, and evaluation of future technology to optimize supply chain management for defence and security organizations.

Prior to joining ISR, Mr. Miller worked for large private sector firms, working on large organizational transformation projects, technology implementation projects, trials and evaluations from experimental sensor technologies, research and development projects for simulation and training technologies, and delivering and managing simulation-based training packages. Jordan is also a subject matter expert on the dynamics, causes and triggers of state failure, and has delivered numerous research studies and exercises that involve defining risks and wargaming multi-departmental responses to threats in fragile and failing states.