Intrepid 2015 Full Scale Nuclear Emergency Response Exercise

November 2015

Project Summary

Held in November 2015, Exercise Intrepid 2015 was a two day exercise which involved a simulated incident at the Point Lepreau Generating Station. This exercise is a result of NB Power's commitment to safety through the validation of all plans and procedures. The exercise was designed to challenge 30 organizations and with more than 1500 players involved, this marked the largest full scale nuclear exercise the province had ever seen. For more than one year, ISR, coordinated the planning, development, and design of the exercise. The Exercise Design Team was dedicated to the development of a realistic and challenging scenario that would ensure organizations at every level of response would achieve their exercise objectives and successfully test their respective emergency response plan.

The Exercise Design Team consisted of representatives from NB Power, New Brunswick Public Safety, Department of Health, Department of Social Development, Canadian Red Cross, Royal Canadian Mounted Police J-Division, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, Health Canada, the State of Maine, and International Safety Research. ISR facilitated a total of 11 monthly planning meetings with this team prior to exercise conduct.

The exercise evolved from normal operations to a declaration of each emergency level at the plant, resulting in the subsequent notification of response organizations. Emergency operations centres were activated accordingly and actions to protect the public were implemented, with a heavy emphasis on public communications. This included the coordination of a simulated evacuation of over 100 local residents.

Following Intrepid 2015, ISR facilitated a two day evaluation process which specifically targeted the interoperability of the various response organizations. Through this comprehensive discussion, areas requiring improvement as well as best practices were identified.

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