François J. Lemay


Professional Summary

Dr. Lemay is the President of International Safety Research, a corporation dedicated to nuclear and radiation safety, and nuclear emergency response. He has 31 years of experience in radiation protection, risk assessment, environmental impact assessment, safety analysis, emergency response plans, procedures and systems, emergency response standards and guidelines, audits and evaluations, emergency response exercises, courses and training, international projects and radiation transport.

As an internationally recognized expert with more than 31 years of experience in Nuclear Emergency Response (NER), he has conducted training in over 20 countries with the IAEA. Dr. Lemay is an expert in IAEA EPREV mission requirements provides radiation detection and monitoring advice and guidance to hospitals to ensure the correct equipment is selected and the training provided is exactly what health professionals require.

Dr. Lemay is an expert in radiological and radiation and nuclear emergency preparedness and response, detection and decontamination. Dr Lemay has evaluated several nuclear emergency response exercises. For example, he has been involved with emergency response exercises and evaluation for the Department of National Defense (DND) Nuclear Emergency Response (NER) teams. His level of involvement with DND included developing severe accident scenarios, delivering courses such as emergency management and decision making during nuclear accidents, and conducting and evaluating response exercises. Dr. Lemay has also participated in international NER projects. He participated in the CONVEX international exercise that was sponsored by the IAEA and also delivered a course to the IAEA on the application of international requirements and guidance for emergency response. Dr. Lemay conducted and performed an evaluation of the Netherlands national NER exercise at the NPP Borselle. Dr. Lemay has also been an international Evaluator for Romania’s transboundary NER exercise and contributed to drafting the IAEA TECDOC 953: Method for development of emergency response preparedness for nuclear or radiological accidents. Dr. Lemay participated in the review of audit procedures for the IAEA (OSART) to take into account severe accident management lessons from Fukushima. Dr Lemay reviewed and assessed the Westinghouse-based SAMGs for Keoberg Nuclear Station, South Africa, for the purpose of evaluating the interface with emergency response. He developed an early draft concept of the SAMGs for PLGS in 1999 based on the Westinghouse SAMGs. Also, he developed and taught a course on severe accident progression, a comparative study between PWR and CANDU phenomenology. He participated in the review of audit procedures for the IAEA (OSART) to take into account severe accident management lessons from Fukushima. He contributed to the development of IAEA guidance on the assessment of severe accidents (TECDOC 955). He is currently involved in the development of IAEA guidance on severe accident assessment for CANDU reactors.

Dr. Lemay was also an invited contributor to the IAEA for the drafting of a Technical Document, “TECDOC 953 Method for the development of emergency response preparedness for nuclear or radiological accidents”. Dr. Lemay continues to provide expertise in radioprotection for the Gentilly Nuclear Generating Station. He is the developer of the NER simulation and field data software called S3-Exercise.

Dr. Lemay is also involved with NER in the Canadian nuclear industry. For instance, he has been directly involved with NER for Gentilly 2 exercises that included testing emergency procedures at the plant and writing the exercise manual. He also acted as a Controller of the exercise and as an evaluator of the emergency team's response to help with continued improvement of procedures. Dr. Lemay has also performed NER exercises for Point Lepreau Generating Station where he reviewed the scenario, developed evaluation criteria and led the control of the evacuation team. He has assisted in drafting the emergency response plan for the Atomic Energy Control Board. Dr. Lemay has also been involved with the Ministry of Environment (Quebec) nuclear emergency procedures and he developed the performance-based emergency response and emergency exercise evaluation standards for New Brunswick. He was part of the development of the Canadian Federal Nuclear Emergency Plan (FNEP). Finally, Dr. Lemay is also presently part of the Canadian Standards Association Technical Committee for Nuclear Standards, and he is currently drafting the N288.2 Standard for Calculating the Consequences of a Release of Airborne Radioactive Material for Nuclear Reactor Accidents.