Exercise “Elaion Response”

March 2014

Project Summary

International Safety Research (ISR) designed and conducted a series of exercise-based activities focusing on a simulated terrorist attack on the Alberta Products Pipeline (APPL). Exercise “Elaion Response” was designed to examine the interoperability of the pipeline industry and law enforcement response activities in the aftermath of a deliberate attack. ISR developed the scenario while conferring with multiple levels of government, coordinated the development of the objectives and facilitated and controlled both a Table-Top Exercise (TTX) and a Full Scale Exercise (FSX). The team used ISR’s exercise website and communication systems in order to fully develop all the activities. The TTX provided participating organizations an orientation to forensic investigations, roles, responsibilities, protocol, procedures and a validation of training standards in an incident involving explosive devices damaging critical infrastructure in the oil / gas and energy / electricity sectors. The FSX took place in multiple cities and brought together industrial response personnel and law enforcement / fire HAZMAT first responders to demonstrate their respective response-related duties and capabilities, specific to an attack on a pipeline. The exercise identified key issues that impact interoperability of the teams.

ISR was awarded a multi-year contract to deliver support to the exercise program for the Centre for Security Sciences (CSS); the conduct of the “Exercise Elaion Response” occurred under this contract. This included defining exercise support activities and resources for the design, development, conduct and evaluation of multiple exercise-based activities. These activities included planning conferences, an orientation seminar, a TTX, and a live explosives exercise for select Petroleum industry stakeholders, immediate onsite first responders, forensic (post-blast) investigators, commanders and observers.

The objective of this exercise was to design, execute and report on a capability evaluation and validation exercise for response operations (including forensics), on-site incident management and responder health and safety associated with IEDs employed against pipeline assets. This three-phase explosives / forensics exercise included three Planning Conferences (Initial Planning Conference (IPC), Mid-Planning Conference (MPC) and Final Planning Conference (FPC)). The execution phase consisted of a one-day TTX and a two-day live explosive exercise. The evaluation and reporting phase consisted of After Action Reviews (AAR) following both the TTX and the FSX and briefing/debriefing Controller and Evaluation meetings (pre- and post-FSX) for select Petroleum stakeholders, immediate onsite first responders, forensic (post-blast) investigators, commanders and observers.

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