Brian Corse


Professional Summary

Brian Corse is an ex-military engineer with a graduate degree (M.SC.) in Nuclear Engineering and has significant experience in development and delivery of CBRNE emergency response training. While in uniform, Mr. Corse was the Maritime Staff lead for revitalization of the nuclear emergency response capabilities within the command. This included the development of a systematic training and validation program of the Naval Nuclear Emergency Response capability to support the visits of USN Nuclear Powered/Capable Vessels to Canadian Ports.

As an Associate of ISR, Mr. Corse has been involved in the development and delivery of numerous CBRNE training scenarios including Exercise Nautilus and Exercise Bioshield Global.

Mr. Corse provided support to the DND/CBRNE Research and Technology Initiative (CRTI) work in support of the V2010 Olympics including workshops with stakeholders and development of plans and training/exercises. He was the lead in the development of several key documents including the CBRNE Concept of Operations for Deployment of Federal Scientific Resources in support of V2010 Privy Council Office (PCO) draft CBRNE Protection Plan for V2010, Assessment of the British Columbia CBRNE response capabilities including the review of the draft (2002) BC CBRNE Terrorism Consequence Management plan, CBRNE Concept of Operations for the V2010 Olympics, and CBRNE Mass Decontamination concept of operations in response to weapons of mass destruction. All of these documents were used as part of the development and delivery of training and as baseline validation of the V2010 Olympic preparedness during the Gold exercise.