Alicia Armitage

Emergency Exercise Developer

Professional Summary

Alicia Armitage graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Mathematics (Honours) in Biostatistics.

Since joining ISR as an Emergency Exercise Developer in 2015, Alicia has supported the development, planning, execution and reporting on several large-scale exercises. Alicia has been directly involved in six exercises since joining ISR and has supported numerous others.

Alicia's exercise experience includes a multinational capability exercise involving Canada, the UK, the US and Australia, a beyond design basis event involving the province of New Brunswick and NB Power and a full-scale exercise combined with a two day training curriculum for Transport Canada. Alicia has also been involved in several tabletop exercises for government and private companies and recently completed a cross-border experiment between Canada and the US. Alicia has helped develop injects, design and implement Observer Programs for senior officials, design and develop exercise props and coordinate and record design team meetings for the aforementioned projects. Following these exercises, Alicia has been involved in the data analysis of the resulting evaluation components and authored several final reports.

Prior to working for ISR, Alicia worked for nine years as an Operational Manager while managing a team of approximately 60 people. She performed a wide-range of administration, operational and financial duties to support the operational execution of daily business. Over the course of her tenure, she planned, developed and executed over 10 very successful promotional events, including several which won prestigious awards. Alicia also worked as a Statistical Analyst for two years, performing data analysis and data visualization on large-scale data sets and developing relevant business decisions.