Alicia Armitage

Emergency Exercise Developer

Professional Summary

Alicia Armitage graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Mathematics (Honours) in Biostatistics. Since joining ISR as an Emergency Exercise Developer in 2015, Alicia has supported the development, planning, conduct, evaluation and reporting on numerous large-scale exercises. Alicia's exercise experience includes a multinational capability exercise involving chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear hazards (CBRN), multiple beyond design basis accidents (BDBA) involving nuclear facilities, bi-national experiments involving testing emerging technology at the Canada-US border and bilingual training opportunities involving the response to flammable liquid rail incidents. Alicia has also been involved in several tabletop exercises for government and private sector companies and literature reviews. Alicia has been involved in all stages of the exercise design process including exercise planning and objective definition, inject development, metric definition and exercise evaluation and control. Following these exercises, Alicia has been involved in the data analysis of the evaluation components and has authored numerous reports.

Alicia is also involved in several aspects of the corporate side of ISR. Alicia currently holds the position of the company’s Alternate Company Security Officer (ACSO) and is responsible for maintaining the security requirements for contracting services within the Government of Canada. Alicia is ISR’s Quality Manager and is responsible for maintaining the ISR Quality Management System (QMS). She is responsible for ensuring all of ISR's corporate policies and procedures adhere to the requirements of the ISO 9001 Standard and is continually improving the the company's QMS.