ISR showcase at IDEX 2017
March 13, 2017

ISR showcase at IDEX 2017

The International Defence Exhibition (IDEX) is the most important tri-service exhibition in the World. It is held in Abu Dhabi. This year (2017), ISR was there. Along with its local partner, Pastiche LLC, provider of CBRNE solutions and equipment, ISR showcased its S3-FAST system for integrating and tracking CBRN fixed and mobile measurements during an emergency.

S3-FAST, in combination with S3-EXERCISE, provides a complete solution for managing complex CBRN readings geographically and in time, making decisions for the protection of responders and the public, and training response organizations in a realistic, field or computer-based environment.

ISR also provided information on its training and strategic planning expertise to senior personnel from Defence and civil protection organizations from the whole GCC and MENA Region.

“Your S3 system is simple, easy to use, and provides a unique capability for providing realistic training” said one of the regional directors of a major equipment manufacturer, “we would like to see how this can be integrated to our own instruments”.

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