ISR awarded 3 year contract with the Royal Canadian Navy
June 15, 2017

ISR awarded 3 year contract with the Royal Canadian Navy

ISR has recently been awarded a three year contract to support the Royal Canadian Navy with in-service support for the software and hardware for their S3 radiation monitoring systems.

The S3 radiation monitoring systems developed by ISR are designed for use by emergency response personnel who collect and analyze raw field data during radiological events that is necessary for effective and timely decision making concerning public protection.

S3-FAST hardware is capable of interfacing with existing radiation detection equipment through USB, infrared, or Bluetooth from either fixed location detection networks (e.g. fixed detector ring around a nuclear power plant) or deployable survey assets (e.g, survey vehicle with attached S3-Fast system). The system determines the current radiological readings, appends a GPS time and location to each reading, and transmits that information in real-time to the S3-FAST software. This program then collects, stores, and analyzes raw field data for display on a real-time situational map, allowing decision makers to make timely and effective decisions for public protection and resource allocation.

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